The Power of Our Words

“Pleasant words are flowing honey, sweet to the taste and healing to the bones”-Proverbs 16:24 CEB

When we were growing up we all heard this phrase ” Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt.” As we all grew older we realized that phrase was not true. Words can and will hurt you. In the age of social media and a hostile political climate, we know how words destroy and divide others on a daily basis.  Despite what one party may say, you can’t change the words you say once you say them. The damage is already done.

We have to be careful with the words we speak. We were created in the image of God. God spoke things into being. Because we are a reflection of Him, we can also speak things into being.  When we talk bad about ourselves or a situation in our lives, we are opening doors to unwanted outcomes. Our words have the power to weaken someone’s morale and self-esteem. Our words can cause conflict and drama. Our words can tear down the very foundation of relationships.  So we have to be very careful about how we use our words.

We should use our words to inspire, encourage, uplift, build, and ignite positive change.   Just by saying hello and offering a smile, you can make someone’s day.  By complementing someone’s dress our suit you are building someone’s confidence.  By giving your child a hug and a positive note in their bookbag or lunch bag, you are letting them know that they are loved and valued. By leaving a post-it on your loved one’s mirror, you are reminding them of the vows and commitments you share.  By telling someone who has lost everything that it will be ok and that there is hope, you are helping them start over.  By telling ourselves we can do it, we are building our own self-love and self-esteem.

So on today, be that sweet taste of honey to someone.  Be the light of Christ that shines brightly in a dark world.  Be that voice that sparks change and innovation. Let us use our voice as a voice of hope.  Let us be the voice that helps heal our community, nation, and the world. Call someone that you know needs a friend and just speak life into them. Your kind words will make all the difference.

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