Paid in full

“God Called the one who didn’t know sin to be sin for our sake so that through him we could become the righteousness of God.” -2 Corinthians 5:21 CEB

There is no greater feeling as an adult to see these three words “Paid in Full”.  It means that a debt has been paid.  It means that you finally own that car, house, computer or whatever we financed. It means we no longer have the burden of a credit card lingering on our credit report. It means we have a little bit more freedom when it comes to our finances.

We all have a debt on our lives that no dollar amount can’t pay.  It’s a burden that we can’t bear alone. It is like a yolk or a heavy millstone on our necks. That debt is what we owe for the sins we committed both knowingly and unknowingly. the wages for sin is our death.  Death under sin means we will be separated from God and condemned to an eternity in darkness.

That didn’t sit well with God.  So He sent His Son, Jesus, to earth.  Jesus is the only man that walked the earth and didn’t know sin. He came to teach us how to love our neighbors and to treat everyone with respect. He taught us to respect each other and not to judge one another because of our past. Then at age 33, He gave up his life so that our debts can be paid in full. Every cut, bruise, and every drop of blood he lost paid the price for our sins.

Because of Jesus’ amazing gift, we are no longer prisoners to our sins. We are free to live a full life. We are free to love, serve, honor, and praise God.  We are included in God’s family.  All we have to do is acknowledge that Jesus died for our sins, believe that He rose again, and repent of our sins and we will be apart of God’s inheritance.  The weight is lifted, the burdens are gone,  and the penalty is erased.

That is the greatest gift that anyone can receive. So with that gift, we should use it to be better people. We should use it to be a beacon of hope to those who are hopeless.  We are to reflect God’s grace everywhere we go. We are to forgive because we have been forgiven. We are to love all men because God loved us so much that He gave us Jesus. We are to live thankful lives because Christ paid our debt in full. My God bless you and keep you.

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