Pray, Believe, and Receive

“24 Therefore I say to you, whatever you pray and ask for, believe that you will receive it, and it will be so for you.”- Mark 11:24

Prayer is essential to a strong relationship with our triumvirate God. It is an intentional time that we set aside to honor God, give thanks, to pray for others and to tell God what is on our hearts.  Prayer is a very intimate and personal thing that means something different to every individual that does it. There is no right or wrong way to pray. I sometimes pray when I’m driving or when I can’t sleep. It helps me stay focused on the tasks at hand and It helps me wind down at night. Every decision that I make big or small, I pray. No matter what I’m going through I pray.  I feel such relief after I pray and I’m sure you do too.

Sometimes we pray for things and they seem to go unanswered. We get frustrated and think that God has forgotten us. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Do we believe in the prayers we pray?  If not how do we expect God to answer our prayers?  Our faith in God is essential for our prayers to be effective. Without faith, we have no foundation for our prayers.
  2. Sometimes we pray for things that are not in God’s will. We may have our own plans but God’s plans may be even better for what we pray for.
  3. He has heard your prayer but the answer may not what we expect. Like I stated earlier, He may have something better or what you desire may be good for you or the person you are praying for.
  4. A delay may not be a denial. God’s time scale is not our own. He knows our desires but He knows what is best suited for us and when it is a right time for a change. Sometimes we have to mature in order to handle what we have been praying for.

Believe it or not; God hears our prayers. He understands our wants and needs.  He knows what we desire.  We just have to do our part. We have communiacte wholeheartedly with him, have belief in His power and will, and receive the answer that God gives us. Most of the time we will get what we ask and sometimes we will get the answer that is best for us. Don’t become discouraged and trust in His plan.  Stay in prayer and keep God first.  Have a great day in Christ.


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