Protect your Heart and Mind

“More than anything you guard, protect your mind, for life flows from it.-Proverbs 4: 23”


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Our heart and mind are two key organs in our body.  If either is not functioning well, then you run the risk of death. That is why we should be very careful to guard them both.

We have to balance a lot. We have our families, jobs, hobbies, events, and church to take care of.  Everyone wants their needs met. So our lives get filled with meetings, games, practices, planning, worship services, house chores and the like. If you look at my calendar right now you would get sick.  Actually, too much stress can lead to physical and mental illness. We are over stressing our body and it is taking a toll on us. It is causing our rivers of life to become rivers of bitterness.

The world is full of stressed out and fed up people. We become short tempered. We become angry.  We become anxious. It has an effect on our personal and business relationships. Our blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar level is off balanced. Instead of speaking life, we are just living to work and die.  God doesn’t want that or desires that for us at all. We have to protect ourselves so that we can be effective in the calling we have on our lives.

We have to invest in our devotional time with God and our mental and physical health.  We have to put down our phones, close our laptops, and put down our tablets. We have to delegate tasks to individuals. We have to take that vacation or personal day.  We need to stop lecturing and start listening to our spouses and children. We are not robots, so we have to set and go to doctor’s visits. We have to use those gym memberships or just take a walk.  We have to invest time in prayer and building a deeper relationship with Christ.  When we do that instead of being short, brash, and blunt, we become more kind and loving people.  Protect your heart and mind because we only have one of them. The world will still turn, the sun will still rise and set, and things will still get done. So take a breath and take a break. Let’s center ourselves so that we can be more effective and loving people.

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