This is for Bo


“Happy are people who grieve because they will be made glad.-Matthew 5:4 CEB”

My Uncle Willie James Shuler departed from this world on Saturday, August 25th. He was a giant with a big heart.  Some called him Wille, and others called him Shuler, but we passionately called him Bo. Even though our hearts are heavy, I wanted to take time out to celebrate a life well lived.

Bo was devoted husband and father. He adored his grandchildren dearly.  He never hesitated to make a new friend. This guy loved his family and friends dearly and would do whatever he could to help them.  He didn’t like to see anyone in a foul mood. His smile would light up a room.  He was the life of the party and it didn’t really start until he got there.  He loved to travel and visit family. Our reunion trips were so much fun.  I can talk for days of all the good memories we shared on our way going a coming back from family reunions.

One thing for sure I always could count on him and Aunt Harriet to be there for me. Every graduation he was there. Every celebration Bo was there.  When I spoke at the church, I would see him in the audience, if he couldn’t make it he would ask mom about me. I knew that I was fine because Uncle Bo had my back. I will forever be grateful for having him as an uncle.

He had a strong will and he ruled with a strong hand. He raised kids to be strong and to strive for the best. He taught us the value of hard work and the importance of supporting the family. No matter how hard things got Uncle Bo would bounce back twice as hard.  Even after the accident that slowed him down, Bo was determined to get back home and back to the life that he loved.  He never lost hope and he never lost his faith that God would see him through this setback.  He fought a God fight. Despite his efforts, God wanted Bo to come home.

If Unc was here he would say ” Step stop all that crying and have yourself a good time!”  So during our mourning lets also rejoice in knowing that He’s with God. He’s standing tall with Jesus and He resting from his labor.  We all still have a life to live and we still have a duty to live our lives like Bo did with no regrets.  While we still have time on this side of life we should honor God and help others like Bo did.  We should dance like no one was watching as Bo did. We should love our family and friends with everything we got like Bo did.

So we should not cry for long. The Holy Spirit will give us comfort. Jesus is our advocate and friend. God is our constant provider. If we do what we are called to do, we will see him again.  So rest on Uncle Bo until we meet you on the other shore.  We love you but God loved you best.

2 thoughts on “This is for Bo

  1. Cathy L Zimmerman September 1, 2018 — 6:00 pm

    Amen!!! So beautifully spoken from the ❤️. Your uncle Bo will be missed by all!!! We will continue to lift up your family in 🙏🏾 and take God at his word..For he promised to never leave us and come back to receive us into him…☁️


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