It’s Not Goodbye but See You Soon.

I still can’t believe you’re gone.

Yet God has called you home.

I’m sorry you couldn’t stay,

But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.

Now our hearts are singing a sad tune.

It’s hard to say goodbye so I’m going to say see you soon.

I don’t know the day nor the hour we will meet again.

I’m going to live on in your honor my friend.

I’m going to try to laugh and cry.

I’ll know will see you in the Sweet Home in the Sky.

I don’t know when I get there. It may be morning, night, or noon.

It’s not goodbye but see you soon.

Now you’re resting from a life well lived in His arms.

Now you’re safe from all harm.

No more pain, grief, or sorrow.

All you have now are better days and bright tomorrows.

I hope to see you again it may be soon.

So I won’t say goodbye but I’ll see you soon.

Faith is the ticket and Jesus paid the price.

All we have to do is believe and we will be in paradise.

If I live like lived and give like He gave.

Then, my soul, He’ll save.

Then I’ll be singing with you in heaven a sweet tune.

I won’t say Goodbye because I will say see you soon.

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