You Have to Taste This

Wow! You have to taste this.

It’s sweeter than honey from the comb.

It’s stronger than any expresso.

It’s better than moms apple pie.

Kobe beef steaks can’t match this flavor.

It’s richer than coco.

This is far better than any meal you’ve ever had.

What could possibly taste that good?

How much does this thing cost?

Where can it be found?

To answer those questions in order:

The promises of God taste far better than anything this world has to offer.

They don’t cost a thing. They are freely given.

Once you try God you are hooked.

He has you coming back for more.

Trust me He is just that good.

So, my friend, do you want a taste?

On his menu you’ll find:

Love, hope, peace, joy, protection, Grace hope, mercy, provision, happiness, and more.

Trust me He’s the best thing you’ll ever have.

He has never failed and He will never disappoint.

He has a 100% guaranteed satisfaction rate.

You have to try Him for yourself.

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