My Right-hand man

‘I always put the LORD in front of me; I will not stumble because he is on my right side.’ Psalms 16:8 CEB

Well, it’s that time of year here in the south. It’s the peak of the huricane season. We now have a mega-storm churning in the Atlantic Ocean. Her name is Florence. If she is anything like Florence on the popular TV series the Jeffersons, then we are in trouble. As of 5PM Florence is a category 4 hurricane and is 4oo miles wide.  She may be just as bad as the TV Florence.

So now we are all in a panic. We are watching the weather. We are looking at spaghetti models. We are comparing the GFS to the Euro.  ( I prefer the Euro).  We are watching the Bermuda High hoping it moves up and not dip further south. Walmart is out of eggs, bread, milk, and water.  Batteries of all sizes are in our buggies. Schools are closing and roads are being reversed to usher coast dwellers inland. My little town will be inundated with heavy traffic. There will be boats and RV’s lining my main street like it’s a parade.

Wherever this storm goes it will be devastating. Homes that people spend half of their lives building will be gone.  Other homes will have water and wind damage. The power will be out for days and food will be lost. Despite all of this I’m not worried nor am I scared of Florence. I have God, My protector, My Right-hand man by my side.  If the storm passes us by I’m good.  If the Bermuda High pushes south and we get hit hard, I’m still fine. Why? I’m fine because of the power of a loving and caring God. He never promised that the storms wouldn’t come, but He has promised to be with me to endure them.

Yes, it will be a stressful week of watching, prepping, and waiting. We should not allow that stress rule us.  God will provide the right person with the right resources to help us in this season. He will protect our hearts and minds from the worries of this temporary setback. He will be there to hold our hands. He will be there to comfort us and give us strength. These storms will only last a season but God’s love is forever. God’s Mercy is everlasting. His Mercy is renewed each day. So as we prepare our homes for what’s to come on Thursday, we should prepare our souls for a home that is not built by man. One way we can do that is to show the love of  Christ to those who will need our help in the coming months once Florence dies down.  That will show the world that no matter how big a storm is God is bigger, stronger, and better.

eye of the storm image from outer space
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