Now Timothy has returned to us from you and has given us good news about your faithfulness and love! He says that you always have good memories about us and that you want to see us as much as we want to see you. 1 Thessalonians 3:6 CEB

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Memories,  some are good and some are bad.

Some are worth keeping and others we wish we could wipe away.

They shape who we are.

They guide us through life.

We keep them in books and photos to share with others.

Some we hide so that the world never knows what we have seen, heard and experienced.

We can choose to use them to be strong or we can choose to be burdened down with them for a lifetime.


Some are blessed to have them forever, others are slowly losing what made them who they are.

The stories etched in our minds can inspire a generation and bring the whole world to tears.

Some are hard to remember others are easy to forget.

They are the foundation of dreams and goals.

They are where we hide our nightmares.


Are triggered by actions.

They are reminders of something impactful.

As we cherish the memories of old, we must continue to make new ones.

So take the risks, embrace that new thing, seek to be better,  and seek to be unique.

When tomorrow comes what will others remember of your actions today?

Did you make someone smile?

Did the world see a reflection of love?

Where you willing to forgive?

Have you made God smile?

Life is just a wall built on memories.  Every moment is another brick that is being laid.

Live for today and make memories that will last forever because tomorrow is never certain.

Stephon C. Void (c) 2018

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