Restoring Power

This past week has been a trying time for those in the southeast. Our brothers and sisters in North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina are still dealing with rising flood waters and assessing the damage done by her strong winds.  Wilmington, NC is completely shut off from all roads. Thousands of people can’t return home and almost all major highways are flooded. I pretty sure a lot of people are exhausted.

My family and I were spared from the worst of the storm. Two weeks prior we lost our uncle. Because of certain circumstances, we just said goodbye a week prior to the storm coming. So personally, I’ve been in two storms the last three weeks. I had the emotional storm of losing my uncle and the experience of preparing for Florence.  To be honest, it has taken a toll on me.  I fell like I’m running on autopilot. I’m just going through the motions and not really focusing on rest.  Yes, I had a week off, but most of the time I was still working from home or planning/ waiting for what Hurricane Florence was bringing our way.  I can never sit still. My mind is always working and I always find something that needs to be done. I know it is a bad habit but I’ll break it.

You noticed I said we were spared and not blessed. I personally believe that even the victims of the storm are just as blessed as those who didn’t face the storm.  They are still alive. They are getting help.  They are still covered by the same grace that we have. So yes they are blessed,  They just have to endure some pains that come with life.  God didn’t condemn them or punished them.  Natural disasters are just that, natural disasters.  Hurricanes come every year. Some get spared and others have to endure what happens. God is still good and he loves us all.



Because of that love, we all can fine revitalization and renewal.  When we are rocked by the storms, God is there to help us through them. He is there to help us regain our strength.  He is there to give us comfort during the losses we have during the storm.  He is there to hear our prayers and to provide resources to answer those prayers. God is a source of unlimited power.  So in the coming days, we should take some time to recharge our batteries and also help those who were not spared from the storm. God may need us to be that glimmer of hope during this tough time. So let us pray for each other and be prepared to answer to someone’s prayer. Have a great day and may God restore all of us so that we can do His will.

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