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It’s me know that it’s been a while.  I didn’t have anyone else to call.

I realized that I drifted away bit by bit. I failed to see that the biggest obstacle to my growth is me.  I did everything that I wanted to do. I didn’t care about coming to see you or even bother to take time out of my day to tell you “Thank you.”

I worked day in and day out just to squander what you gave me.  I never once considered giving you or anyone not important to me a dime. I wasted my life trying to fill a void that I couldn’t fill.  So many nights I cried myself to sleep because I felt so alone.  I tried to build on my own. I tried to grow on my own. No matter how much I tried, I still fell flat on my face.

I’m here now. I see the flaws in my thinking. Father, I can’t make it without you.  I can’t realize my vision without you.  So I ask of you today, do you forgive me?

My child,

I’ve never stopped loving you.  I never left your side. I was there and all you had to do was reach out your hand. I would’ve carried you through those hard times.  I was here to console you in your grief and pain. I gave up a part of myself so that you can be a part of me. So, yes I forgive you.  All that I ask is that you trust me. There will be times when things don’t make sense. Trust me. There will be times that the sun seems like it doesn’t shine. Trust me.  Even when a storm comes and rocks you don’t focus on the storm. Trust me. 

Everything I promised will come to past. Whatever you are longing for I’ll provide.  When you are lost I’ll find you. I will fight when you can no longer fight. I will lift you up whenever you can’t stand. I will give you a voice whenever you can’t speak. All that I ask for you to do is trust me.

Wow! Even after all that I have done you still love me?


So my child, do you trust me?


That’s all I needed to hear. Come on let’s get this relationship back on track.

Stephon C. Void 2018


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