Seasons come and go.

Days come and then fade away.

New friends arrive and old ones are out of reach.

People evolve over time.

Political climates changed every few years.

Love tends to fade or evolve as the years go by.

Children grow into adults and then they digress as they get older.

Through all of this Jesus, you are still the same.

You are the alpha and the omega.

No matter what you still love us unconditionally.

You still cover us with your grace.

Your mercy and love last forever.

Winter, spring, summer, and fall you are still the same compassionate soul.

You still advocate for us on our behalf to the Father.

You still forgive us no matter how many times we fail to put you first.

Forever is a long time.

Yet you will still be there to welcome us with open arms.

2 thoughts on “Forever

  1. No matter how imperfect we are. God will never abandon us, He is always forgiving.

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