Be the Good


There is a disabled veteran struggling to make enough money to get by.

There’s a runaway child looking for a brighter future.

There’s an orphan or a child lost in the system that needs love.


There’s a man or woman living in a retirement home and they haven’t had a visit in a while.

There’s a woman too afraid to leave an abusive environment.

There’s a lost soul trying to fill a void by using a vice to cope.


There’s a person that doesn’t know how to explain who they are because there’s a stigma about being different.

There’s a mother grieving a child who was murdered without any explanation why.

All of these people need a little Goodness in their life.

All they see is the pain and fear.

All they know is the neglect that they are experiencing.

God expects us His chosen people to be the good that they are lacking.

Show them, love.

Be the person that stands in the gap.

Be the light that shines in their hearts.

Give them a reason they smile again.

We all need someone to be the good in their lives.

Are you ready to start today?

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