Walk in the Light


This world is a dark place.

It’s easy to be consumed by it.

Hate, violence, greed, and lust are powerful things to overcome.

It drives us to think about ourselves and abandon the needs of others.

The darkness calls and it pricks our souls every day.

We all yield ourselves to the temptations of the darkness.

Some just dabble in it for a while others feel trapped in it.

In the darkness, there is no hope.

In the darkness, we are longing to be whole but we are being devoured from within.

In the distance, there is a light that shines.

No matter how dark the night maybe it shines like a beacon.

Its beams call us in the night.

The photons particles push the night away and if you focus you can hear…

I shine bright because I love you.

“I shine brightly to show you hope.

I shine so that you can heal.

Walk in my light. ”

If answer it’s calling you will see a man that’s emitting the beams.

His hands and feet have holes.

Someone pierced Him in his side.

He is the one that gave His life so that we can walk in His light.

When you walk closer you can feel the love.

You can feel the power.

You feel free from the darkness.

You can see the growth wherever the light touches.

The light restored everything the darkness took away.

Where is this light?

It’s inside of you.

The more you abide in His love the more intense the light shines.

So walk in God’s light.

Shine your light in the darkness.

1 thought on “Walk in the Light

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