He Will Not Forget


I get it.

You’re tired.

It seems like no one appreciates the hard work you do.

Day in and day out you keep doing the right thing.

You do the work of the Father.

You work tirelessly to appease those who you don’t know.

Is it worth the trouble? Is it worth the hardship?  Does anyone care?

God sees and He does care.

He has not forgotten.

He has seen Every dollar you gave.

He heard every prayer you whisper at night.

He saw every nail you have driven, every room you mudded, every house you’ve restored.

He knows the hours you have toiled on your last sermon.

He heard every note in that last song you sang.

He knows how many bowls of soup has been served by your hand.

No, my friend, he has not forgotten you.

So don’t give up doing the hard work.

Don’t stop sharing the love of the Lord.

Let His love live on in you.

You may be the only scripture someone sees.

It’s ok to be tired.

It’s alright to cry.

Just don’t quit on God because He has not forgotten the work you have done.

The seeds of faith you sow now, you may not see the harvest.

However, God will water and nourish them.

They will grow and flourish because you were there to plant them.

God will never forget.

You glory may not be here on this earth, but it will be seen in heaven.

God is rejoicing because you chose to live in His love.

So just take a break and recharge yourself.

God is calling you to do more with the time you have left.

Go on and preach,

Go on and teach,

Go on  and reach,

Go on  and give,

Go on and love,

Go on and live,

Go on and build,

Go on and mend,

Whatever it is your called to do go and do it for the love of God.

He will not forget.








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