Sinner’s Prayer

Oh God,

Thanks for watching over me through the night.

Thanks for the food you give me to make it through the day.

Thanks for shelter that protects me from harm.

Thanks for loving me enough that you gave me Savior Jesus, whose sacrifice is the greatest gift of all.


I’ve strayed away from your word. I’ve abandoned your teachings.

I placed my will ahead of yours.

I did hear the cry of those in need.

Forgive Father for turning my back on your love.

Mend my broken heart.

Mold me in the shape of your will.

Hide me from the enemies within and without.

Guide me and keep me on the path of righteousness.

Help me to use my gifts to help those in need.

Make me bold to face my fears.

Tear down the walls that have hardened my heart.

Help me to embrace your everlasting love.

Give me the strength to endure the tests of life.

Give me the wisdom to know when to speak and when to be silent.

Let my ears be clear to hear your voice in this noisy world.

Purify my dark soul and make we brand new.

Help me to forgive myself for the wrongs that I have done.

Help me reflect your love on others I meet each and every day.

It’s in your name I pray,


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