My Fix

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Hey, how are you?

You don’t look so good,

Are you feeling down?

You can’t seem to get enough rest?

You can’t find peace?

Have you tried everything and you still can’t find relief?

Well, I have a fix for you.

It’s not a magic pill.

There is no serum to inject.

You don’t have to take anything.

There is no specialist to see.

It doesn’t cost you a penny.

My fix is simple.

Trust God.

His prescription is His word.

Jesus is His chief medical resident.

His Spirit is the director of psychology.

All fees were paid with a cross, three nails, and crown.

He has studied your condition and He’s ready to start a new course of treatment.

He’s is confident that He can help you.

Oh, and he has no number.

He’s just one prayer away.



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