A Friend’s Love

No one has greater love than to give up one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:3 CEB

I betrayed by a kiss, beaten all night long,

mocked by soldiers, and denied three times.

I still love you.

I was tried in court, mocked by Herod,

whipped to point of near death, and found guilty of a crime I didn’t commit.

Despite it all I still love you.

You shouted “Crucify him!’, made me carry a cross,

cursed me,  and yelled at me.

Yet, I still love you.

You nailed me to a cross, hung me high,

divided my clothes and mocked my authority.

No matter what I still love you.

I stayed on that cross, I said goodbye to my mother,

watched my father turn away from me, and gave up my life

I did all of this because I love you.

I rose on the third day, ascended into heaven,

and now I’m preparing a home for you.

I did it because I love you.

Why did I do it?

Because I couldn’t bear to see my friend be separated from me because of mistakes.

I didn’t want you to suffer for those mistakes.

I wanted my friend to be a part of my family forever.

I did it because I love you.





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