The Thief

Cancer is a thief.

It robs you of your time.

It takes your resources.

It takes away your health.

It robs you emotionally, physically, and mentally.

For some it takes away our loved ones.

God is the only chemotherapeutic drug that restores.

His radiation treatment is Jesus. He’s the light of the world.

He restores the years you’ve sown in tears.

He will give you double for your trouble.

By a His stripes you’re healed.

In the midst of the storm He’s your peace.

He’s the light in the darkness.

He will keep you safe in His arms.

Tell cancer that your faith is bigger than your fear.

Tell cancer you’re going to fight because the God you serve doesn’t quit.

Tell cancer that you’re strong because He is your strength.

You will be the victor and not the victim.

Let’s defeat this thief and take back what it stole.

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