Work in Progress

You feel asleep with the book in your hands again.

Wow you got another cramp in your hand.

If you have to take one more exam or unit test you’re going to scream!

Wait… did he say you have a paper due by next class and it has to be in APA and no less than ten pages?!

You still haven’t started dinner and the laundry is piling up.

You have three meetings tomorrow and a report to finish by five on Friday.

What where you thinking going back to school?


Stop and take a breath.

Get it together.


You will get that project done.

You will pass this exam.

You will walk across that stage.

Your degree will be conferred.

God is molding you in who are meant to be.

He sees your hard work.

He’s been with you those long nights.

He sees every single tear you’ve shed

Your hard work will be worth it.

You’re a work in progress.

The world is waiting to see the finish product.

The world is ready for a better you.

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