The Prayer Room

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In my room, I’m at peace.

I get to talk to my old friend, Jesus.

He listens to every word.

At times I sing or talk.

Other times I can’t find the words so I just sit still and wait.

In my room, there is no judgment.

The Comforter comes and sits with me.

He sees every tear that rolls down my face.

He shows me that I am loved.

He gives me hope.

In my room, there is love.

I tell my friend all about those who are sick.

I ask for Him to reach out to those that need His guidance.

In my room, there is forgiveness.

I sit or kneel before Him telling about my mistakes.

I take the time to assess if I had done what was needed to be in His will.

When I get up I feel empowered and ready to face whatever comes my way.

My room may not always be the same space.

It may be a closet, a hotel suite, or even my car.

Wherever it is, He’s there with me in my room.



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