The Ripple Effect

“Let’s not get tired of doing good, because in time we’ll have a harvest if we don’t give up.”-Galatians 6:9

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A young boy and his Grandson were at a pond one evening.

The young boy looked a little down.

“Son, why so glum?” Grandpa asked.

” Well, no one liked my poem I wrote in class. What’s the point in writing if no one likes it?”

The old man stooped down and picked up a tiny pebble.

He placed it in His Grandson’s hand.

The pond was still and the breeze is calm.

The water looked like glass.

He said ” Son drop this pebble in the pond and watch what happens. “

The little boy dropped the pebble in the pond.

“Look Grandpa it’s a lot of circles in the water!”

” Yes, Son. Those circles are called ripples. You see how far the ripples go. That pebble was small. Yet it manages to effect a large portion of this pond. That pebble represents your writing and your good works. It may seem like it’s not worth it or it may seem small. However, it spreads to many people. Son, don’t quit doing what you love because one day like that pebble your gift will cause ripples all around the world. “

The child had a huge smile on his face. ” Thanks, Grandpa! I will keep it up! I won’t stop writing. “

The old man said “That’s my boy! Now tell me about the poem you wrote.”

Like that little boy, we may think that the world may not notice or appreciate the good we do. Our gifts and our service creates ripples of love that radiate from us and it reaches far and wide. We must continue to have faith that what we do matters. We must remember that God is with us and He sees the ripples that we place in His pond. So I encourage you to continue to shine brightly in the dark places and to never lose hope. Continue to use your God-given abilities to reach those who are in need.  Your work matters. Your gift matters. Your life matters. So how will you place ripples in God’s Pond today?

God, thanks for allowing our small works of faith to reach so many people. Continue to give us hope when we want to give up on our calling. Renew our souls when we tire from the work we do for your kingdom. It’s in Your name we pray, Amen

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