9 Doves 11 Stars 1 God

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Photo by Wendy van Zyl on Pexels.com

Once again we are faced with the question why?

Hate has entered our places of worship.

Another house of prayer poisoned by bullets.

Another house of peace is deafened by the sounds of shell casings on the ground.

Our political leaders on both sides cling to it to score points in the polls.

9 Doves in Charleston.

11 stars in a Pittsburgh.

They all were sharing their love for 1 God.

Houses of prayer are now memorialized not because of their work but for the tragic events that happened there.

They are now remembered as a place where fear and hate paid a visit to their doorstep.

We sit and wonder, how God can allow such pain and chaos?

Where was the Great I Am? What are we supposed to learn from these two stories?

He was there in the beginning.

He was there during the tragic events.

He will be there until time itself is no more.

We learned that hate tried to win the battle but Love won the war.

9 Doves in Charleston

11 Stars in Pittsburgh

1 God who loves us all.

We’ve allowed fear to overcome faith.

We care more about winning for red or blue than to win for those who have no voice.

We desire to be right instead of being just.

We failed to see that no race, color, religion or belief is better than the other.

When we take all of those titles away we breathe the same air.

We bleed the same blood.

We all want safety and security.

When we die we all return to dust.

We are one and it shouldn’t take

9 Doves in Charleston

11 Stars in Pittsburgh

For us to realize we all are children of 1 God.

That 1 god represents love and forgiveness and we should do the same

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