Still Numb

“God heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.”- Psalms 147:3 CEB

It’s been months since we said our goodbye.

All of the crowds and the phone calls have dwindled.

It is finally sinking in that you are gone.

A house that was filled with your laughter and your voice is now silent.

We haven’t found the nerve to box up your clothes for Goodwill yet.

We still can’t find the nerve to press delete when we see your number as we scroll the directory.

Sometimes we play old voicemails just to hear your voice again.

An empty chair sits where you once sit.

Gatherings are not the same anymore.

We are relying on our faith and our daily routine to help us get through.

So when people see us it looks like we are OK.

Deep inside we are still processing.

Deep inside we are still missing you.

Deep inside we are still praying to cope with our loss.

Deep inside we are still numb.

We take comfort in knowing that you are at rest.

We are trusting in God that He will heal our wounded hearts.

We are leaning on each other to get through the pain.

Until the healing is complete we are still…numb.



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