Thanks for your service

Your country needed you.

You didn’t hesitate to sign up.

Day in and day out you pushed yourself to be the best of the best.

You served over seas, under the sea, in the sky and on the water just so that others can live free.

You’ve seen things that made you laugh and some that made you cry.

You carried your country on your back 50-60 lbs a mile at a time.

Some of you came home to a hero’s welcome. Others were forgotten in a political storm.

Some gave their all and didn’t make it home.

All of you are our hero’s.

We are free because you have up your freedom.

We stand tall because you stood between us and the world.

We build our lives because you build bridges of peace.

We live in open spaces because you rested on a cot or bunk.

To you Sir, and To you Ma’am,

God bless you.

To you Sir and to you Ma’am

Thanks for your service.

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