The Empty Chair

Well the holidays are just around the corner.

The house will be full of laughter and commotion.

Soon we will be planning decorating schemes and what will be on the menu.

The tree will be up after Thanksgiving as usual.

We all are compiling our wish lists and we are scoping the deals online and in the malls.

We begin To go down be list and we don’t see your name.

Then it will finally hit us… everyone will not be at the table this year.

Our dear loved one is gone.

No laughter will be coming from your usual spot.

The kids can’t sit on your knee.

The twinkle in your eye as we open gifts will just be a memory.

Your favorite chair will be empty.

People say “Time heals all wounds”, but the pain of missing you will never go away.

As we prepare to give our words of thanks to God and welcome the birth of the advent child, you will be on our minds.

Oh how we miss you this time of year.

We will leave an Empty chair not as a sign of grief.

It will be there to honor your legacy and your journey of faith.

We will tell others of the memories we shared.

We use it as reminder to cherish the moments we still have with one another.

We will gaze upon it a smile and imagine that you are here with us.

-In loving memory of BJ, Ella, Charles, and , Bo.

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