Don’t Let The World Pass You By

Wake up wake up! Don’t let the world pass you by.

Get out of bed and wipe the sleep from your eyes.

The world is yours for the taking but you have actually must do something and try.

Wake up wake up! don’t let the world pass you by.

Yes, you’ve been hurt but and someone has made you cry. 

You will understand what you’ve been through by and by.

Wake up Wake up! Don’t let the world pass you by

God is with you and you can not be denied.

No one can defeat you no matter how hard they tried.

Wake up wake up Don’t let the world pass you by.

Tell depression to leave you alone. Tell your fears goodbye.

Faith is your weapon and you have a support system of family and friends standing by.

Don’t wallow in self-doubt and pity give life another try.

Don’t worry about your needs, God will supply.

When you feel low, keep your head up to the sky.

God hears your prayers and sees the tears you cried.

Wake up from your state of mind. Don’t let life pass you by.

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