You Were Planted

They put through a lot.

They lied on you.

They placed stumbling blocks in your way.

They made your life a living hell.

They thought they were busy burying you.

Instead, they were planting you.

The storm came out of no where.

The rain poured day in and day out.

It felt like the weight of the world was coming down on you.

The storm was not drowning you. It was giving you water you needed to grow.

Remember, you were not buried you were planted.

Then you were praying for change.

It seems like it would never come.

You prayed and cried.

You prayed and waited.

It felt like you were all alone in the darkness.

God never forgot about.

He was prepping the soil for your eminent growth.

Now look at what you’ve become.

You don’t look like what you’ve been through.

Every bad thing has turned around for the good.

Your hard work is now paying off.

Look how much you’ve grown.

Look at how much you’ve blossomed.

My friend you were not buried by the world, you were planted by God.

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