Do You See Me?

When you look at me what do you see?

Do you actually take the time and look or do you judge me by a stereotype?

I’m not just a homeless man. I’m a veteran who came home from war and couldn’t adjust.

I’m not just a runaway child. I’m fleeing an abusive home.

I wasn’t always a junkie. I was give a prescription and I got hooked.

I’m not a problem child. I’m just a kid who needs someone to care.

I’m not a thug. I’m a young man who lost his way and I’m trying to figure out how to support my family.

I’m not a mad black woman. I’m a woman that is tired proving that I belong.

I’m not a criminal vagabond from South America. I’m looking for an opportunity to provide for my family.

I’m not crazy lady. I’m having a hard time adjusting to living alone.

When you see me look at my humanity not my flaws.

When see me look at my eyes and beyond my circumstances.

I’m human. I have a soul. I matter. I exist.

Don’t ignore me.

Don’t neglect me, I’m your brother or sister.

You say you love Jesus but you cringe when you see me.

You say you are his disciples but you don’t give me a chance.

Open your eyes and your heart and see the God in me.

3 thoughts on “Do You See Me?

  1. So true it is. We don’t see Jesus in other human beings.


    1. Yes we fail to see Him every day. We have to be more aware of the “least of these” in society.


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