The glimmer in their eyes is gone.

That smile has become a blank space.

The beautiful mind that just lights up the room now sits quietly in a chair.

Then suddenly for a moment, they are back and it is like old times.

For a brief time its like they never left and we are so happy.

The spark is back!

Then just like it came the glimmer of hope quickly fades.

They ask you who you are and why they can’t go home.

The one person you could rely on is now relying on you.

Minute by minute your champion fades farther and farther from reality.

You pray and hope that the glimmer returns.

You ask, “Why did this burden fall on your shoulders?”

He quietly replies “My Grace is enough.”

In your weakness, He will be strong.

He will provide all that you need to cope with this new normal.

He will give you the strength to endure.

In the meantime appreciate every glimmer in their eyes while it last.

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