Woven into fabric of our existence was greatness.

In the Mother Land we practiced medicine, astronomy, and science.

People would come from distant lands to learn and to trade.

Then the ships came a try to weaken our greatness.

They took us on a long journey to a far away land.

We lost our culture and our identity but they couldn’t take away our greatness.

We built the economy of a new nation.

Our hands built our capital.

We were sold as cattle.

Mothers and fathers were ripped away from their children.

The more they try to oppress us the more we thrived.

War came and divided our nation.

Then came freedom or so we thought.

Jim Crow ruled land.

They still wanted to treat us less than human .

Southern trees had strange fruits on its branches.

I order to vote we had to pass silly test, pay a tax, and remover the constitution.

They locked us up without just cause.

Despite it all, it couldn’t destroy our greatness.

We marched in the streets, sat at counters, withheld our money, and knew better days were coming.

The hoses, billy clubs, tear gas and dogs could not stop our greatness.

Then Martin had a dream that he never got to see.

We got the right to fully vote.

We integrated and yet we still fight tor equality.

We still have the audacity to hope for change an equality for all.

Upon this foundation of our past greatness our greatness thrives still.

Our legacy lives on in our gifts and graces.

We made the best out what was given.

We are still here and we are thriving because of the greatness within us.

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