Letting Go


As I sit on the edge of the bed, I wonder what I will do.

How can I face today knowing all the problems that I have?

Bills seem to multiply.

Money seems to shrink.

Illness stays at the house like it belongs here.

Miscommunication and a lack of understanding has ravaged my family.

Let’s not even talk about work.

How can I find balance?

How can I find my peace?

So I stop…and I breathe… then I realize I’m not alone.

I bow down on my knees and I give it all to God.

I let everything go.

Goodbye fear.

Goodbye sorrow.

Goodbye anxiety.

Goodbye illness and pain.

Hello hope!

Hello joy!

Hello peace of mind!

Hello to a brand new day to get it right.

I will remain calm and face today with the help of God my Father.

He’s bigger than any problem and He will fight for me when I’ve done all I can.

So today I’m letting go.

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