The Church

The Church is not stick and stones or brick a motor.

It’s made up of flesh and blood.

There are no stain glass windows, just the iris of our eyes.

It’s not the fancy piano or the pipe organ that gives it life.

It’s the steady beat of our hearts, the works of our hands, and words that comes from our lips.

It is a living and breathing entity.

We are the church.

Yes the broken and the flawed.

Yes we are filled with emotions and some are good and bad.

We have soul that good views a precious.

We have a story to tell of how He chose us despite of how messy we are.

We have a testimony of how His love changed our lives.

We are the church.

We are the temple which the Spirit dwells.

It’s up to us to maintain it.

It’s up to us to keep it going.

It’s our job to reflect the love of Christ in our everyday lives.

So we must cherish it because we will soon have to abandon this temporary gift of life and return home.

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