The Zach Experience

There I was just minding my own business.

You know counting the money I stole, I mean earned.

Suddenly there was this huge crowd.

Someone said it was that Jesus fella from Nazareth.

I heard he could do some miraculous things like casting out demons, and healing the sick.

Let me go see if this guy is for real.

He could be a fake after all he is from Nazareth.

Oh boy I’m too short.

Excuse me! Let me through!

Ugh. People can be so selfish.

Oh there’s a sycamore tree. I’ll climb that.

Wow I can see everything from here.

Uh oh he’s looking right at me.

How did He know who I was?

He wants me to come down so I can feed him?!

This guy knew everything about me.

I don’t know what is about Jesus of Nazareth but because of Him my whole perspective on life has changed.

He knew I was a thief but He loved me anyway.

From that very moment I vowed to never steal again and I gave everyone four times of what I stole.

Half if the rest of my money I gave to those who really needed.

All because of climbing a tree, my life view changed forever.

Sometimes you have get above the distractions of life in order to see how amazing Jesus is.

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