Stone Hearts

Yes we were made from the clay of the earth but our hearts are rigid like stone.

We spend too much time focusing on our fears.

That fear sometimes turns into anger.

The anger turns into hate.

Which is followed closely by violence and war.

We worship God and proclaim Jesus is our savior.

However,the church of today is the very establishment that Jesus despises.

We spend so much time confining ourselves with, rules, doctrine, and law that we sometimes forget that there is a world that needs saving.

Our hearts have turn cold because we too let fear hinder the message of love grace, and acceptance.

Places where you once had to get there early to get a seat area now empty.

All because we try to keep out the very people we are called to serve.

All because we became exclusive instead of inviting.

Jesus cringes to see His people use His Nanette obtain wealth, power, and to corrupt and manipulate others.

The truth is we need a heart transplant.

Our hearts are too rigid and broken and they aren’t do anyone any good.

God wants to replace the fear with hope.

He wants to replace hate with love.

He wants to replace judgement with grace and compassion.

Fix our hearts oh Lord.

Show us how to live and love again.

Give life to our stone hearts.

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