Life are like seasons

It can be full of hope and newness in like in Spring

Where things are blooming and growing

The birds are singing and the weather is some what mellow and calm

It can be filled with the ups and downs if Summer

You feel warm and free

Enjoying the works of your labor

You take time out to rest and reflect and enjoy family

Sometimes a few have storms come to shake up things but you’re ok

Then there is fall when the leaves are changing

It’s a period on uncertainty and transition

Bouts with the warmth and cold comes in

It the time of year you assess the harvest

and plan for the next year

Animals start to prepare for the winter

Hurricanes and wild fires rage and threaten to destroy what you built

But you are prepared for whatever comes

Then there is winter

It’s cold and gloomy

Every thing is dead or dormant

The blizzards come and go

Ice my situations make things seem hopeless

We hope we have enough resources to last this period

We do what we can to keep warm

It’s also a Season of blissful celebration of the holidays

No matter the season or the storm

No matter how good life is or bad

No matter what we are facing rest assured God is with us every step of the way

We need all the seasons of life to be whole and to grow

We just have to be prepared and rely on the faith that is within us

2 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. interesting points: very spiritually enlightening post


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