Love isn’t Evil

Love isn’t about evil

It’s about being truthful

Love isn’t about getting even

It’s about forgiveness

Love isn’t boasting

It’s about doing the little things behind the scenes

Love isn’t judgmental

It’s unconditional and pure

Love isn’t destructive

It’s a process that builds

Love isn’t wasteful

It is precious

Love isn’t about hurting someone

It’s about making them better

Love isn’t ugly

It’s the most beautiful thing that can happen to your life

Love isn’t deadly

It is refreshing, vibrant, and new

Love isn’t scars and bruises

It’s entity that heals your brokenness

Love isn’t darkness

It’s a light that warms your very soul

2 thoughts on “Love isn’t Evil

  1. Stephon,

    Thank you for sharing this. This is a great reminder that love is unconditional and precious.


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