Sticks and stones

We spend so much on sticks and stones

We invest so much in bricks and stain glass

In reality it’s nice to look at but it’s not the church

The church is alive and can’t be confined to four walls

It’s the soup kitchen

It’s the after school program

It’s the “meals on wheels”

It’s the music ministry that brings joy to the elderly at a nursing home

The church is not sticks and stones it’s flesh and blood

It’s the response team that rebuilds neighborhoods after the storm

It’s the blessing boxes that leaves food for a struggling mom or a book for a child

It’s in the hearts of those who make quilts and blankets for people they never met

Yeah we have nice gathering places with the fancy lights

However, God dwells in the temples of our hearts and not just sticks and stones

You and I are the church that a lost soul sees

You and I are the church that a lost soul needs

The building will give away to old age

But the love of Christ we share will last for generations after we are gone

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