The Waiting Game

We spend a huge pot of our day waiting

We have to wait in traffic

Wait in line

Wait for Christmas

Waiting for your birthday

Sit in a waiting room for 20 minutes to see the doctor

And wait another 20min in the back because he double booked

We wait at the barbershop and the beauty salon

We have wait on our food

Life is a waiting game

You know what really sucks

Having God to tell you to wait

So this all powerful and all knowing God

The same God that paints the canvas of the universe

Tells you “No”

“Not yet”


Huh? Really God?

You got to be kidding me

We live in a world where we get answer by pressing a button or saying “Alexa…”

We God to God with goals and dreams and He says “Wait”

Life is a waiting game

What are we to do while we wait

Be content

Stay humble

Trust and believe

Pray, Pray, and pray some more

Serve others

Study His word

Be prepared for the next step

Because soon the wait will be over

Once you get what you prayed for

You will see why it was worth the wait

2 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. I enjoyed your post. It’s a gentle reminder that I needed this morning.


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