Baggage Claim

It’s been a long journey.

It’s time to claim my bags.

None of them are on the carousel!

Wait I see a note : “Come to the service desk” signed JC.

So who is JC?

I go to counter there is the older gentleman named Peter at the counter.

“Hello Peter, I’m here to claim my bags”

“Oh you’re the one JC sent. ”


Follow me.”

We go to this back room.

All I see is one bag!

Here is you bag sir.”

“No Peter I had way more bags than this!”

He looked at me and said “Take a look on the inside and you will get your answer.”

He disappears.

I unzipped the bag in it is a note.

My child you have be carrying way too much baggage.

You’ve been carrying them for far too long.

They have cost you too much to transport.

I’ve decided to to take that burden off of you.

That bag labeled “Worries”, will be replaced with “Peace.”

The one labeled “fear and anxiety”, will be replaced with “Hope and courage.”

The one labeled “Sins” has been disposed of.

Your “Self doubt” bag will be replaced with confidence.

That one was filled with nothing but junk anyway.

All of your new bags are in a limo with the tag “Faith” on it.

All you have do is trust me to take care of you.

A buddy of mine we call Spirit will be in the back to give you comfort on the journey ahead.

Sincerely your Driver,

Jesus Christ

With tears in my eyes and shock on my face, I left the back of baggage claim.

There was the limo and “Spirit” hopped out.

“Hey my friend we’ve been expecting you.”

I got in with him and everything I could ever imagined and what He promised came true.

All because I let go of the baggage.

2 thoughts on “Baggage Claim

  1. I absolutely loved this! thank you for sharing


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