One Phone Call

I really messed up big time

My sins have me in prison

I’m locked up tight

And Lucifer has the key

Death is ready to pull the switch

Wait a minute

I can get out of this with one call

Hello Jesus it’s me

I know I haven’t spoken in a while

I’m being held prisoner by my past sins

I’m trapped and the enemy is in my ear

He said I’m done for

That none cares

And that I’m hopeless

Can you help me can you bail me out

Oh you already paid the price

All I have to do is repent and accept you as my savior

And trust you with my life

Thank you Jesus I will serve you faithfully until we meet again

Hey Lucifer my lawyer is on the phone

He said all my charges have been dropped

I’m no longer your prisoner

He paid my bail

He said the price was paid on Calvary

He said you must have forgotten that I’m protected by the salvation law

I’m free to go

Thank you

Oh and trust me you can try me all you want but I won’t be back

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