An old blind man and a little boy were sharing a bench on a beautiful spring day.

A young woman was passing out meals and blankets to the poor.

The old man pointed his cane towards her and said “Oh her light is shining bright today Son.”

“Grandpa what do you mean? The only thing shining bright today is the sun. Besides your blind how can you possibly see her light?”

The old man smiled and said ” Son I don’t need eyes to see how beautiful and bright her light is. Her acts of kindness towards people she doesn’t know, is a reflection of God’s love.”

He continued “Son that type of light shines brighter than the sun. It’s bright enough that even a blind, old man can see it. So wherever life takes you, always remember to let your light shine for God. If you do that you will never be in the darkness. Let the work that you do reflect the love that God gave you.”

“Ok grandpa,” the little boy replied.

” I want to shine bright like her. Can we bring some sandwiches the next time we come to the park?”

The old man smiled and said ” Sure son. I can see your light shining already.”

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