Reaping the Harvest

It doesn’t seem like it now.

You tears are the water on the field where your dreams are planted.

The dark days and the lonely are soon to be coming to an end.

Your story doesn’t end with the pain, it begins with it.

That pain is fertilizer that is helping your seeds grow.

I hope you’re ready for the harvest.

God has a big one in store for you.

Despite of everything you never lost your faith.

You never gave in to your fears.

You kept on pushing through the anger and adversity.

Your tears fell like rain, but the world didn’t know you were watering your dreams.

The warmth of light that radiates from the sun,is same light that radiates from the love of God.

He hasn’t forgotten your struggle or the volume of your tears.

This process was in place so that he can prepare you for what’s to come.

Doors will open that no man can shut.

Your name will be on the mouths of people you haven’t even met.

Your gifts will be seen in the presence of kings and queens.

You have cried, labored, and waited long enough.

Now it’s time for rejoicing and leaping for joy.

The only tears you will shed are happy ones.

Your harvest is ripe and plentiful.

Get ready to show the world how awesome you are.

Are you ready for the harvest?

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