Instant redemption

All sins are free and clear

No rituals to perform

No animals to sacrifice

Immediately I’m invited to be a guest

Who has the ability and to just do that

I’m a thief I deserve to be here

This guy did nothing but spoke the truth

And He lived it

I can explain why I’m suffering

But this guy He’s different

It’s like He wants to endure the pain for me

I heard of the miracles he’s done

I’m sure He could come off the cross

Yet He stayed because He loved us all

For him to accept me

Speaks volumes to my soul

I got my ticket to paradise

It’s free and clear

Paid for by the love of Jesus

Love is keeping Him on the Cross

There is no greater gift than that

Once a criminal…I’m now redeemed

One lost….I’m now found

Once homeless…now I’m going to paradise

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