Do you know how strong you are?

Look at how far you have come.

Through every setback your are still here.

Despite everything you made it through.

You’ve shed so many tears but look at you, your still standing.

Yes my friend you are strong.

When the world told you no or not yet, you kept on pushing.

When every door was closed in your face, you managed to find a window of opportunity.

Those scars you wear are not ugly. They are signs of beauty.

They are sign of your strength.

Like the Phoenix, you have risen from the ashes of your past.

You have reinvented yourself over and over.

The battles of life have knocked you down but you never thrown in the towel.

Yes my friend, you are strong.

You are mighty and fearless.

You can do anything because of the faith that is in you.

Your light shines bright like a lighthouse in the foggy night.

You will thrive.

You will survive.

You will continue on.

All because of your strength.

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