Let’s Be Real

Hello to all of my followers and readers. It’s been great writing poems and blogs about my faith in God. I haven’t be active lately because I wasn’t be real with myself. Since I thought I can ignore warning signs in regards to my health, I was out of due to illness for three weeks.

As I stated before I was diagnosed with Kartagener’s Syndrome. It’s autosomal recessive disorder that affects the cilia in my lungs, sinuses, and inner ear. I also have mirrored vital organs. Lately I’ve been getting sick with a lot of infections. I thought I could press my way through and I’ll be ok.

Then my mom got sick. I had to find a way to balance work, church, and taking care of things at home. I would work long hours and attend meetings. Then I would try to do housework. I’m between all of that, I was doing therapy and treatments to clear my lungs. I tried yo be Super Stephon and I got sick. I got very sick. My lungs were so congested that I needed at home IV treatments for two weeks.

This really tested my faith and my patience. I didn’t want to be home. I wanted to be active and serve others. I wanted to spend time with the people I care deeply for and try new things. I was stuck in bed with an Mid-line in my left arm. It was then I realized I had to get real with myself. I can’t fix the world. I’m hurting myself by resting. I’m letting people who depended on me down because I was ignoring my health.

We all want to do our best. We all have responsibilities and dreams we want to fulfill. However we can’t just go full blast and not take time to rest and heal. I’m on the mend. I’m praying God will heal me completely so that I can do the work that I’m called to do. I will learn to rest and ask for help. I will take the time and communicate with God. I will take the time away from chaos and spend with the people I love and care for. I hope to be inspired to write more devotions and poems soon.

My the love of God be with you all,


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