Yeah it’s Monday.

It means it’s time to get up, after hitting snooze too many times and get ready to start the week.

Monday is like going to the doctor, you hate to see them but it is necessary so that we can live.

You know whats bad about, Monday it’s about 52 of them a year!

We all been there hating to see Monday.

But what if we flip the narrative?

What if we rejoiced instead of looking at the first day of the week as a curse.

Think about it.

We have a job, we are taking care of our family, or we are going to school.

Do you know that so many people are praying to have a Monday like yours?

They are homeless, jobless, lonely, lost and sick people who have Mondays that are far worst than a weekend hangover.

If you think about it. I mean really think about it.

Mondays are not that bad.

Monday is just another day that we are blessed with to be alive and able to make a difference.

So as we get back in the routine and back to our lives, lets stop for a moment and say, “Thank you God for another day. Thank you for another Monday.”

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