Why are you working so hard?

Are you doing good to be seen or are you doing it out if the goodness of your heart?

Would you do the work you do without expecting a reward?

We all want recognition.

We all want to feel important.

Some of us crave the fame.

Sometimes those “Thank You’s” and “Good Job’s” will never come.

The truth is if we all work to give the Glory to God, all that we seek will come afterwards.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO or the night janitor.

It doesn’t matter if your getting paid or if it’s for free.

We should work to honor Him and don’t chase the fame.

We should work not to seek glory.

We should Let our work glorify Him.

God’s reward will far supersede anything that man would offer.

Let’s not work for fame but let us work to hear “Well done!”

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