Yes and No

Let your “Yes” be “Yes” and your “No” be “No”. “Your word is your bond” what happened to that? So many times we give people lip service.

We will lie just to make someone feel good. We do the same thing to God. We will promise Him if He get’s is out of a difficult situation that we will serve. As soon as we get a little daylight, we scatter and break our promise.

Integrity is important to the faith we profess. If we know we can’t commit to something then we should say so. If we know that something is not right about any situation we should speak up. That’s why so many people don’t trust God. His followers lie just as well as the un believer.

Let us Honor God by being a honest with ourselves and each other. We have the capability of doing great things. Imagine the good we could do if we actually do what we promised when it comes to serving God. We as God Children need to be genuine to everyone. So let’s do what is right and not just give service with our lips. Let’s get our hands dirty and do the work of the kingdom.

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