We Are Ambassadors

We have to be careful.

We have to be mindful of how we treat others.

We say we are followers of Christ.

We wear the cross.

We tote our bibles.

We say we want to live a life pleasing God.

Yet we use our faith to oppress others.

We justify our actions of hate by quoting scripture.

We want others to follow us but we don’t see how our actions are not reflective of the love of God.

We may be the only version of Jesus that people they will experience.

If we are ambassadors of Jesus then, we must show everyone the same love that He shows us.

Instead of using our faith to divide or exclude, we should use it to unite and include.

We must be the light of hope in this dark world.

We must be the helping hand and not one that points in judgement.

We must see God in every human being that we meet.

Then we will truly ambassadors of the God we love.

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